Special Deposit Account - SDA

Invest your Funds in a Seylan Special Deposit Account (SDA) and Obtain Higher Returns on your Investments. The Government of Sri Lanka has invited all Sri Lankans and well-wishers living in out of Sri Lanka to save their foreign currencies within the Sri Lankan Banking system.


  • Additional 2% interest over the bank rate sheet.
  • Attractive rates of interest on the deposit.  
  • Free Internet Banking access. 
  • No processing fee for your inward remittance. 
  • No need to be a Seylan Bank customer to open SDA
  • Freely repatriable upon maturity.

Get started:

  • Sri Lankan individuals resident in or outside Sri Lanka
  • Dual Citizens
  • Citizens of other States with Sri Lankan origin
  • Non- nationals resident in or outside Sri Lanka
  • Funds, corporate bodies, associations incorporated/registered outside Sri Lanka
  • Any other well-wishers

This Scheme will be available until 07/04/2023

Interest Rate: Payable at maturity of the deposit

Term Period Interest Rate
6 Months 1% additional interest over rate offered by the bank. 
12 Months 2% additional interest over rate offered by the bank



Crediting Funds

  • Inward remittances in Foreign currency received from outside Sri Lanka favoring the account holder through the banking system .
  • Remittance received to an existing Inward Investment Account (IIA), Offshore Banking Unit account during the 36 months period from 08/04/2020. 
  • Investment can be made in LKR, USD or any designated foreign currency.

Withdrawal of Funds:  

  • Freely convertible and repatriable outside Sri Lanka on the maturity of the deposits.
  • At maturity, option to transfer funds;
  • Transfer funds to Inward Investment Account (IIA)
  • Offshore banking account in Sri Lanka
  • Disbursements in Sri Lanka in LKR.
  • Repatriation of funds back to remitters account. 

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