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Will any monthly installment change with any interest rate revision?

No. All loans are fixed at the approved interest rate for the entire loan period.

Is the presentation of the Pass Book mandatory when closing the Tikiri Account ?


Are withdrawals in Lankan Rupees permitted from a SIA?

Yes, local disbursements are permitted

From when will SMS alert charges come into effect ?

  • SMS alerts sent from 01st of September 2018.

If the fixed deposit is matured, will you deposit the proceeds to my account?

No. You need to hand over the original certificate to the branch.

Could I utilize my Debit card for online purchase?

In case the relevant merchant is accepting the card you can use for online purchases.

How can I get to know the status of the LC opening?

Notified through email

What is the life insurance benefit?

Life insurance benefits (For both NRFC/RFC accounts)

Balance in account(USD)

Insurance cover


Natural death (Rs)

Accidental death (Rs)

500 to 2500



2501 to 7500



7501 to and above



From where can I place a fixed Deposit?

A foreign currency f/d can be placed at any Seylan bank branch, with in working hours.

What are the documents needed to open a Tikiri Account?

  • A copy of the Birth Certificate has to be produced along with the Tikiri mandate. 
  • Valid Identity card/ Driving License/ Passport of the parent or guardian.