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What if my employment status change?

Please inform the Bank immediately.

What is the validity period of the Debit Card?

Card gets renewed automatically after 4/5 years

What are the types of debits from the RFC accounts?

Debits to theses accounts are freely allowed for international transactions.
Funds transfers from one RFC account to another RFC account are permited.

How can I earn interest for Seylan Flexi FD?

At maturity.

On what basis is the Over Limit Fee charged?

If the customer exceeds the approved Credit Limit at any given date of the particular Billing Cycle an Over Limit Fee will be charged

Could I get the documents delivered?

Documents will be delivered only on request.

Can anyone collect the Tikiri gift?

No. Only the parents or the guardian who opened the account.

Can I obtain a loan against the Foreign Currency FD?

A facility can be entertained up to 90% of the deposit value

What are the free transactions for which I can get SMS alerts ?

  • All Debit and Credit card transactions alerts {Point of Sale (POS) and ATM transactions}.
  • First 10 transaction alerts from Current and Savings account per month per account.
  • Internet banking OTP messages
  • SeyCash remittance confirmation alerts

How long will it take for my loan to get approved?

2 working days – Fast Track facilities 
4 working days – Normal facilities