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How Can I get to know the status of my Import documents?

By SMS or email

Can gifts be collected from Branches other than the account holding Branch ?

Yes. The Branch can issue gifts to Tikiri accounts maintained at other Branches after due verification of account details and identification of the parent / guardian.

What will happen if I prematurely withdraw the Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit?

Interest will be paid to the customer according to the time period the deposit was held.

What are the advantages of taking an upgradable leasing facility?

  • Low monthly rental in the current market
  • Timely upgrading of the vehicle without hassle
  • Readily approved lease for the new vehicle for value of 150% of  existing lease
  • 100% waiver of the future interest on the existing lease if the vehicle is to be upgrade

What is a late payment fee?

4% on delayed capital.

How can I apply for a lost card?

You can apply a new Debit card for a Lost card from any Branch of your preference /convenience

What are the types of credits to the RFC account?

Inward Remittances received and foreign currency brought into the country.
Interest earned in foreign currency on these accounts.

What is the minimum amount required to open a Seylan Flexi FD?

Rs 100,000/-

On what basis will the Bank charge the Late Payment Fee?

If the customer fails to pay the Minimum Payment on or before the Due Date the Late Payment Fee will be charged

Can we obtain loans for advance payment & Open the account?

Yes with pre arrangement transactions with your branch