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Will any monthly installment change with any interest rate revision?

No. All loans are fixed at the approved interest rate for the entire loan period.

What if I lost the card?

Loss of VISA cards should be reported immediately to Seylan Card Centre to the 24 Hours hotline number 2 00 88 88and follow up with a letter. The cardholder will not be liable for any transactions performed subsequent to informing the loss of the card to the Bank.

Are withdrawals in Lankan Rupees permitted from a SIA?

Yes, local disbursements are permitted

What will happen to the Seylan Flexi FD, after maturity?

It will be transferred to 1 month, 3 months or 6 months fixed deposit, as you agreed at the time of opening the fixed deposit.

How to calculate the Minimum Payment?

Minimum Payment = 5% of outstanding Purchases and Cash Advances + 100% of Interst, Fees and the Overdue Amount (if any).

How Can I get to know the status of my Import documents?

By SMS or email

In case the customer does not prefer the Gift, can they request to credit the value of the Gifts to the Tikiri account ?

Yes.  The specified values can be credited to the account on the request of the parent  / guardian

From where can I place a fixed Deposit?

A foreign currency f/d can be placed at any Seylan bank branch, with in working hours.

Where to obtain Seylan Leasing facility?

  • Where to obtain Seylan Leasing facility?

How is the interest calculated?

Equated installment, but interest calculated on the capital outstanding ( reducing balance)