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How can I make my investments in financial instruments through SIA?

Investments in Lankan Rupees or any designated foreign currency is possible in Seylan Bank and in Lankan Rupees if in government securities

What are the free transactions for which I can get SMS alerts ?

  • All Debit and Credit card transactions alerts {Point of Sale (POS) and ATM transactions}.
  • First 10 transaction alerts from Current and Savings account per month per account.
  • Internet banking OTP messages
  • SeyCash remittance confirmation alerts

If I uplift the deposit before maturity, will I get the agreed interest rate?

No. Rate will be decided by the bank.

Does my ATM card get renewed and why?

Cards get renewed automatically after 4/5 years. In case card is in inactive mode, it won’t be renewed.

Could we obtain special exchange rates for Bill proceeds?

Yes, on case by case basis you can negotiate for special exchange rates

Can I claim the total cost for Cataract surgery?

No, only the cost of the lens and accessories will be reimbursed.

Can I get a Status Report on a new buyer?

Yes, we arrange Status Reports through the Exports Department

What is the minimum deposit to open a ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account ?

The account can be opened with an initial deposit of Rs.500/- at any Seylan Bank branch.

My Existing loan commitment is more than 40% of my salary. But I get overtime and other income and can pay another loan. Can I apply for a Personal Loan?

No. Not under this scheme. Only Fixed income is taken into consideration.

Can we request a bicycle above the size 16” for the slab of Rs. 50,000/- ?

No. The Bank will not issue Bicycles above the size of 16” for the said slab. However the customer may discuss with the vendor and purchase a larger size Bicycle by paying the difference in value.