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Where to obtain Seylan Leasing facility?

  • Where to obtain Seylan Leasing facility?

Can I uplift the fixed deposit before maturity?

Yes. Deposit could be uplifted before maturity.

What is the validity period of the Debit Card?

Card gets renewed automatically after 4/5 years

Can Tikiri accounts be opened jointly?

These accounts will be opened in the name of the child. Joint accounts will not be permitted.

Can I claim for dental surgery?

No, dental surgery will not be entertained under this scheme

On what basis is the Over Limit Fee charged?

If the customer exceeds the approved Credit Limit at any given date of the particular Billing Cycle an Over Limit Fee will be charged

Do I need to provide “ Guarantors” ?


Can anyone collect the Tikiri gift?

No. Only the parents or the guardian who opened the account.

Can I remit the funds in the NRNNFA to another country without any restrictions?

Yes, outward remittances are permitted

What are the advantages of taking an upgradable leasing facility?

  • Low monthly rental in the current market
  • Timely upgrading of the vehicle without hassle
  • Readily approved lease for the new vehicle for value of 150% of  existing lease
  • 100% waiver of the future interest on the existing lease if the vehicle is to be upgrade