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What are the necessary document for Company to grant Seylan Leasing?

  • Memorandum and article of association 
  • Copy of certificate of business registration/ incorporation
  • A letter authorizing Seylan bank PLC to obtain reference from your   bankers
  • Copy of latest form 48filed with registrar of companies.
  • Turnover taxpaying –in –slips for the current year.
  • Debtor’s age analysis
  • Certificate of borrowing.
  • Particular of bank account of the parties intend to incorporate as acceptors to the proposed facility.
  • Board resolution for the proposed facility.
  • Trade references. 

Can minors open fixed deposits?

Yes. Jointly with an adult (+18 Years).

How can I apply for a lost card?

You can apply a new Debit card for a Lost card from any Branch of your preference /convenience

How to make Deposits to a ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account?

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Internet Banking Transfers
  • Standing Orders
  • "SeylanTikiri" Gift Vouchers
  • SLIPS transfer
  • Remittances

What are the hospitals to be considered for reimbursement of surgical expenses?

a. Locally Private and Government Hospitals Paying Wards
b. Abroad Hospitals

On what basis will the Bank charge the Late Payment Fee?

If the customer fails to pay the Minimum Payment on or before the Due Date the Late Payment Fee will be charged

Can I obtain a loan to settle my credit card or other bank loans?

Yes, you can for any purpose.

Can gifts be collected from Branches other than the account holding Branch ?

Yes. The Branch can issue gifts to Tikiri accounts maintained at other Branches after due verification of account details and identification of the parent / guardian.

Is it permitted to credit unutilized foreign currencies to the NRNNFA whilst in Sri Lanka?

Yes, Foreign Currency notes, Travellers cheques could be deposited

Where to obtain Seylan Leasing facility?

  • Where to obtain Seylan Leasing facility?