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Up to what is the age can I claim the life policy?

Up to 70, years.

What are the necessary document for an individual’s leasing facility?

  • Copy of identification (NIC/PP/DL) 
  • Salary slip. 
  • Letter from employer confirming salary. 
  • Last six months’ bank statements. If a saving account, copy of saving passbook)

What are the documents need to open a fixed deposit?

National Identity card or in the absence of it a valid driving license or valid passport containing the national identity card number. If the address differs from the given document a billing proof not less than 3 months should be submitted.

Can minors open fixed deposits?

Yes. Jointly with an adult (+18 Years).

What are the documents required if I loose my card to obtain a new card

Request letter, NIC, card application, pass book

What are the documents needed to open a Tikiri Account?

• A copy of the Birth Certificate has to be produced along with the Tikiri mandate.
• Valid Identity card/ Driving License/ Passport of the parent or guardian.

Can both parties (account holders) apply for marriage or child Birth claim?

No, only one claim will be entertained.

How to calculate the Minimum Payment?

Minimum Payment = 5% of outstanding Purchases and Cash Advances + 100% of Interst, Fees and the Overdue Amount (if any).

Under FCAISPE, what are authorized international service provider categories?

  • Services rendered by any individual as a member of an organized profession with a recognized standard of ability enforced before such person entering to it and recognized standard of conduct enforced while practicing in it

  • Accounting, book keeping or auditing:

  • Tax advisory services

  • Services of a draftsman

  • Engineering services

  • Software development, data processing, data base development or system designing

  • Advertising outside Sri Lanka

  • Research work and report writing

  • Photography

  • Publishing outside Sri Lanka

  • Beauty culture, hairdressing or modeling outside Sri Lanka

  • Services of a sports person or an artist

  • Services of a valuer or Auctioneer

  • Services of a plumber, mason or carpenter

  • Quantity surveying

  • Health care services

  • Management of any agricultural property situated outside Sri Lanka.

In case the customer does not prefer the Gift or Value Credit to the account, can a MCQ be issued to any Shop / Institution of the parent’s / guardian’s choice?

Yes. There is no restriction.
However, make sure that you have made arrangements with the respective shop / Institution for acceptance of the MCQ.