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Who can open the account?

a. Sri Lankans employed abroad.
b. Sri Lankans that maintain FCY balances with other banks who wish to open a second account.
c. Non- Nationals of Sri Lankan origin who are resident abroad.
d. Non-nationals or Non- resident (individuals) who are keen to open SFIDA account.

Am I entitled for E-COM facility?

Yes, it is automatically activated with a minimum daily limit of USD 2500/- if you do not wish to avail of this facility, you can deactivate the service by logging onto your own Web portal or call up the call centre.

What if I lose my Seylan Visa Debit Card?

Loss of VISA cards should be reported immediately to Seylan Card Centre on 24 Hour hotline +94 11 2 008 888 and follow up with a letter. The cardholder will not be liable for any transactions performed subsequent to informing the loss of the card to the Bank.

Who can open a Tikiri Account for a child?

- Parent
- Guardian

How do I claim the SLBFE fee?

After opening the account it can be claimed within 12 months by maintaining a balance of 500 usd or equitant with in the said year.

What is Seylan upgradable Leasing interest rate?

  • 11.5%

If I am out of the country what will be the procedure?

The original document s should be submitted within 3Months from the event date.