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Can I receive funds to my NRNNFA account from overseas?

Yes it is possible for personal payments

What is the minimum value of a utility voucher?

Rs 100/-

Am I entitled for E-COM facility?

Yes, it is automatically activated with a minimum daily limit of USD 2500/- if you do not wish to avail of this facility, you can deactivate the service by logging onto your own Web portal or call up the call centre.

How to make Deposits to a ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account?

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Internet Banking Transfers
  • Standing Orders
  • "SeylanTikiri" Gift Vouchers
  • SLIPS transfer
  • Remittances

What is the minimum amount of a Tikiri Gift voucher?

LKR 500/-

What is the rental for upgradable leasing amount for (100,000) one hundred   thousand?

  • 5 Years = Rs  1,892 
  • 4 Years = Rs 2,209

Can I obtain a loan to settle my credit card or other bank loans?

Yes, you can for any purpose.

Is Insurance required for the loan?

  • Title insurance (if needed)
  • Mortgage protection policy
  • Fire insurance

How long will it take to get the loan?

If all documents are in order – less than two weeks

Is it permitted to credit unutilized foreign currencies to the NRNNFA whilst in Sri Lanka?

Yes, Foreign Currency notes, Travellers cheques could be deposited