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What type of Debit Cards does Seylan Bank offer?

  • Seylan Visa Debit Classic Card

  • Seylan Visa Debit Gold Card

  • Seylan Master Debit Card

How can I gift a Tikiri Account?

  • By a Tikiri gift Voucher
  • By opening an account, provided that it’s the guardian that’s opening the account.
  • Who is eligible under “Thilina Sayura” in my family?

    If you are married –spouse and un married children under 18 years
    If you are un married/divorced – parents and un married siblings under 18 years.

    What is Seylan flexi Leasing Flexi Pay?

    • The method which you can pay a low rental during most months of the year and pay a higher rental when you have an additional or extra income

    Can I submit my applications to any branch?

    No, to the account holding branch only

    How much is the valuation fee?

    • 0.1% of  loan amount  
    • Traveling charges of the valuer.

    What Benefits Can I Derive by Investing in Treasury Bills/Bonds?

    • You can get the highest rate of interest since the yield rates are determined in the market.
    • Since these bills/bonds are tradable in the secondary market, you can obtain instant liquidity by selling them in the market.
    • It is an absolutely risk free investment, since it is issued by the sovereign government. Hence, they are called gilt-edged securities meaning that they are covered by gold.

    Are there any deductions applicable for Fixed Deposits interest?

    As per the government regulations withholding tax is applicable. (For details refer

    What security do I have in case of a loss of card?

    The card is chip enable, each time you use the card, there will be an SMS alert notifying you of the transaction. In case of a loss, you can either block the card on your own accessing the web portal or call up the call centre. You also have the option of requesting for the 2nd card at the time of obtaining the card; therefore on loss of first card you can immediately activate the 2nd card.

    How do I deactivate /reactivate a card?

    The call centre provides you with a hotline- 011- 2008888 which is 24hour service. You can call this number for any service