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What is the purchasing value of a ‘Seylan Tikiri Gift Voucher’?

Minimum purchase value is LKR 500/- and multiples of LKR 100/- thereafter.

Can Tikiri accounts be opened jointly?

These accounts will be opened in the name of the child. Joint accounts will not be permitted.

How can I get information on NRFC accounts

By calling Hot lines - + 94 112-439833, +94 112-452667 or logging on to our official web site on,

Can the Tikiri Accounts be closed / transferred to other Banks by giving instructions to any Branch.

  • No. It should be processed only from the account holding Branch

For a Joint account: can both parties claim within 365 days from 01 category?

No, only one party could claim within 365 days and the other party could claim after 365 days from the aforesaid period

Documents required for the housing loan

  • Details of income
  • Title deeds and approved survey plan
  • Non vesting/ownership/street line and building lines certificate from local authority
  • Tax receipts for the last quarter
  • Bill of quantities
  • Approved condominium plan, tripartite agreement with power of attorney favoring the bank

How Can I Apply for Treasury Bills / Bonds?

  • You can purchase Treasury bills / bonds at any time through Primary Dealers (PDs) or Licensed Commercial Banks (LCBs) registered with the CBSL.
  • After completing the transaction, your agent (LCB/PD) will open a security account for you in the CDS maintained by the CBSL. This account is debited /credited simultaneously based on your tradings in the market

What are the documents required for the purpose of transferring migration allowance ?

  1. A formal request from emigrant
  2. Documents to prove the Permanent Residence, Citizenship (if any) and Dual Citizenship (if any).
  3. Valid documents to prove the sources of funds (Gifts from applicant's parents or spouse can be accepted as sources of funds provided that the applicant submits the consent letter signed by the grantor along with the certified copies of birth certificate or marriage certificate, as applicable).
  4. A tax clearance certificate from the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue Department of Sri Lanka for the amount to be remitted.
  5. An affidavit duly stamped and attested by a Justice of Peace/Commissioner of Oaths/solicitor, declaring that no transfers have been made or will be made in excess of the initial allowance of USD 200,000 and the annual allowance of USD 30,000 as applicable.
  6. Copies of all pages of the emigrant's Sri Lankan passports which were used at the time of obtaining PR and subsequently held to date.
  7. A copy of air ticket.(If leaving Sri Lanka for the first time on PR)
  8. A copy of emigrant's power of attorney (where applicable)
  9. A duly filled Form 3, when effecting outward remittances for purposes of capital fund transfers.
  10. Any other document that is required/requested by the bank.

What is the minimum amount required to open a Seylan Flexi FD?

Rs 100,000/-

What documents have I got to produce to obtain a card?

You have to produce a valid Passport and Air ticket (visa if required)