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What is the Minimum time period of Seylan Fixed Deposit?

Starting from 30 days. Call as Millennium 30

Is there a fee involved to obtain the card

No, there is no cost, only 1% commission on the total value of amount loaded into card initially.

What Benefits Can I Derive by Investing in Repos?

  • Easy to convert to money even before maturity by discounting.
  • Ability to use as a collateral.
  • No withholding tax.
  • You will receive an attractive rate of return.

What are the documents needed to open a Tikiri Account?

  • A copy of the Birth Certificate has to be produced along with the Tikiri mandate.
  • Valid Identity card/ Driving License/ Passport of the parent or guardian.
  • Can the Tikiri Accounts be closed / transferred to other Banks by giving instructions to any Branch.

    • No. It should be processed only from the account holding Branch

    What if I lose my Seylan Visa Debit Card?

    Loss of VISA cards should be reported immediately to Seylan Card Centre on 24 Hour hotline +94 11 2 008 888 and follow up with a letter. The cardholder will not be liable for any transactions performed subsequent to informing the loss of the card to the Bank.

    Do we need a security for the loan?

    • Mortgage over house and property
    • Mortgage over the land

    If it’s a joint a/c how do I claim?

    Joint a/c with spouse – only one claim by any applicant under each category under 18.
    Joint a/c with children - any one claim under each category

    What are the documents required for the purpose of transferring migration allowance ?

    1. A formal request from emigrant
    2. Documents to prove the Permanent Residence, Citizenship (if any) and Dual Citizenship (if any).
    3. Valid documents to prove the sources of funds (Gifts from applicant's parents or spouse can be accepted as sources of funds provided that the applicant submits the consent letter signed by the grantor along with the certified copies of birth certificate or marriage certificate, as applicable).
    4. A tax clearance certificate from the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue Department of Sri Lanka for the amount to be remitted.
    5. An affidavit duly stamped and attested by a Justice of Peace/Commissioner of Oaths/solicitor, declaring that no transfers have been made or will be made in excess of the initial allowance of USD 200,000 and the annual allowance of USD 30,000 as applicable.
    6. Copies of all pages of the emigrant's Sri Lankan passports which were used at the time of obtaining PR and subsequently held to date.
    7. A copy of air ticket.(If leaving Sri Lanka for the first time on PR)
    8. A copy of emigrant's power of attorney (where applicable)
    9. A duly filled Form 3, when effecting outward remittances for purposes of capital fund transfers.
    10. Any other document that is required/requested by the bank.

    How can you earn interest for the 30 Day Fixed Deposit?

    At maturity.