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Can anyone collect the Tikiri gift?

  • No. Only the parents or the guardian who opened the account

What type of Debit Cards does Seylan Bank offer?

  • Seylan Visa Debit Classic Card

  • Seylan Visa Debit Gold Card

  • Seylan Master Debit Card

What will be the maximum repayment period?

  • 25 years (The loan should be totally repaid by the Age of 60)

Who is eligible under “Thilina Sayura” in my family?

If you are married –spouse and un married children under 18 years
If you are un married/divorced – parents and un married siblings under 18 years.

If I am an existing NRRA, NRBA or MBA account holder, will my account be continued as it is ?

  1. All existing Non-resident Rupee Accounts (NRRA), Non- Resident Blocked Accounts (NRBA) and Migration Blocked Accounts (MBA) have been re-designated as Capital Transaction Rupee Account (CTRA)

What is the Minimum time period of Seylan Fixed Deposit?

Starting from 30 days. Call as Millennium 30

What is the limit (ATM’S) that I can draw?

You can draw up to USD 10,000 per day (daily with drawal limits of Bank's will apply)

How Can I Collect Maturity Proceeds?

Interest (for Treasury Bonds) and Maturity proceeds (for both Treasury Bills and Bonds) are credited on due dates directly to your account through your agent.

What is the minimum age limit to open a Tikiri Account?

 A ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account can be opened for children below 15 years of age.

Can we request a bicycle above the size 16” for the slab of Rs. 50,000/- ?

  • No. The Bank will not issue Bicycles above the size of 16” for the said slab. However the customer may discuss with the vendor and purchase a larger size Bicycle by paying the difference in value.