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How to make Deposits to a ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account?

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Internet Banking Transfers
  • Standing Orders
  • "SeylanTikiri" Gift Vouchers
  • SLIPS transfer
  • Remittances
  • Can my children open foreign currency accounts even if they are minors?

    Yes, they need to have a SL birth certificate to do so.

    Can we request a bicycle above the size 16” for the slab of Rs. 50,000/- ?

    • No. The Bank will not issue Bicycles above the size of 16” for the said slab. However the customer may discuss with the vendor and purchase a larger size Bicycle by paying the difference in value.

    Am I eligible for the birthday gift after their 60th birthday?

    Yes, on one off basis.

    Do we need a security for the loan?

    • Mortgage over house and property
    • Mortgage over the land

    How to Invest in Treasury Bills / Bonds?

    Investors can purchase Treasury Bills/Bonds either from auctions in the primary market through a designated Primary Dealer (PDs) or from the secondary market through Primary Dealers, Commercial Banks on any business day

    If I am an existing NRRA, NRBA or MBA account holder, will my account be continued as it is ?

    1. All existing Non-resident Rupee Accounts (NRRA), Non- Resident Blocked Accounts (NRBA) and Migration Blocked Accounts (MBA) have been re-designated as Capital Transaction Rupee Account (CTRA)

    What will happen to the Seylan Flexi FD, after maturity?

    It will be transferred to 1 month, 3 months or 6 months fixed deposit, as you agreed at the time of opening the fixed deposit.

    Is there a fee involved to obtain the card

    No, there is no cost, only 1% commission on the total value of amount loaded into card initially.

    Is it a must to produce the birth certificate at the time of purchasing a ‘Tikiri Gift Voucher’?

    Not necessary, but required when depositing to a new Tikiri account