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Who can apply for a Seylan Visa Debit Card?

All customers of Seylan Bank, who maintain

  • A Savings Account

  • A Current Account

  • Or NRFC/RFC Account

What purpose can I obtain a housing loan for?

  • Purchase or construct a house
  • Purchase a land
  • Renovate, extend or complete an existing house
  • Settle an existing housing loan
  • Home improvements
  • Purchase a condominium

How can I get information on NRFC accounts

By calling Hot lines - + 94 112-439833, +94 112-452667 or logging on to our official web site on,

Can we open a CTRA in joint names ?

  1. Yes, with another eligible person. But CTRA open for the purpose of Migration allowance should be in individual name.

What is the difference between a Savings Account and a Fixed Deposit?

At the time of placing the Fixed Deposit, amount, time period and interest rate will be agreed and it will not be changed until maturity. For a savings account you can deposit at any time and can withdraw at any time. If there is an interest change it will be applicable for the deposit.

How can I get my Web portal logging PIN ?

You will receive the Web logging Password to your registered email address at the time of activation of the card and you could activate your Web login on your own by accessing the Web portal (NET) with your Web Password. Using the Web Password you can operate your own card account .i.e. check the balances , de activate card ,( cancellation) ,transaction details .

What are the Main Features of Treasury Bonds?

  • It carries half yearly coupon payments and the principal is repaid on maturity
  • Tradable instrument in the secondary market
  • Yield rates are determined by the market
  • Risk free, gilt edged debt instrument
  • Issued in scripless form
  • Maturities are available with 2-20 years

The fund expected to my account at Seylan Bank has not been credited.On checking with my remitter, I understand there has been incorrect information given to the remitting agent. How do I get my account credited fast?

Remitter should inform remitting agent to modify the transaction & notify Seylan Bank of the correction.

Can gifts be collected from Branches other than the account holding Branch?

  • Yes. The Branch can issue gifts to Tikiri accounts maintained at other Branches after due verification of account details and identification of the parent / guardian.

What are the other benefits of obtaining a Seylan Visa Debit Card?

  • You do not have to wait in line in a bank branch to do your transactions. You can withdraw upto Rs.80,000/- from any Visa ATM using the Seylan Visa Debit Classic Card, and upto Rs.150,000/- using the Seylan Visa Debit Gold Card

  • Cardholders have the option of having their photographs printed on the face of the card, which is an added security feature

  • You get to enjoy seasonal discounts and special offers