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How can you earn interest for Seylan Shakthi/ Seylan 5 Star Fixed Deposit?

Monthly, annually or at maturity

What security do I have in case of a loss of card?

The card is chip enable, each time you use the card, there will be an SMS alert notifying you of the transaction. In case of a loss, you can either block the card on your own accessing the web portal or call up the call centre. You also have the option of requesting for the 2nd card at the time of obtaining the card; therefore on loss of first card you can immediately activate the 2nd card.

What are the documents needed to open a Tikiri Account?

• A copy of the Birth Certificate has to be produced along with the Tikiri mandate.
• Valid Identity card/ Driving License/ Passport of the parent or guardian.

How can I gift a Tikiri Account?

  • By a Tikiri gift Voucher
  • By opening an account, provided that it’s the guardian that’s opening the account.
  • What is Seylan upgradable Leasing interest rate?

    • 11.5%

    Under FCAISPE, what are authorized international service provider categories?

    • Services rendered by any individual as a member of an organized profession with a recognized standard of ability enforced before such person entering to it and recognized standard of conduct enforced while practicing in it

    • Accounting, book keeping or auditing:

    • Tax advisory services

    • Services of a draftsman

    • Engineering services

    • Software development, data processing, data base development or system designing

    • Advertising outside Sri Lanka

    • Research work and report writing

    • Photography

    • Publishing outside Sri Lanka

    • Beauty culture, hairdressing or modeling outside Sri Lanka

    • Services of a sports person or an artist

    • Services of a valuer or Auctioneer

    • Services of a plumber, mason or carpenter

    • Quantity surveying

    • Health care services

    • Management of any agricultural property situated outside Sri Lanka.

    How much do I have to pay as stamp duty?

    Above Rs 3 mio 0.1%

    Up to what is the age can I claim the life policy?

    Up to 70, years.

    What is the added benefit when you invest with Seylan Shakthi/ Seylan 5 Star Fixed Deposit?

    In addition to interest earned, 0.1% of the deposit value per month, will be awarded in the form of a utility voucher, for the 1st year.

    How do I deactivate /reactivate a card?

    The call centre provides you with a hotline- 011- 2008888 which is 24hour service. You can call this number for any service