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Can I view my loan capital outstanding through Internet Banking?

Yes, If you are an Internet Banking customer, you can request to add the loan into the list via Internet Banking.

Could I utilize my Debit card for online purchase?

In case the relevant merchant is accepting the card you can use for online purchases.

Can I receive funds to my RNNFC account from overseas?

Yes it is possible for personal payments

Can I claim the total cost for Cataract surgery?

No, only the cost of the lens and accessories will be reimbursed.

What are the documents needed to open a Tikiri Account?

  • A copy of the Birth Certificate has to be produced along with the Tikiri mandate. 
  • Valid Identity card/ Driving License/ Passport of the parent or guardian.

What is Seylan ‘Tikiri Gift Voucher’?

Seylan ‘Tikiri Gift Voucher’ is intended to be easily purchased over our branch counters as a gift for any occasion of a child without any documentation

Is the guardian’s consent letter mandatory to convert / withdraw the Tikiri account balance after minor attains majority?

No. The A/c holder can operate the account by him/herself on providing the required documents such as original birth certificate, NIC etc.

Can a person open a FEEA and receive payments from a local company or another FEEA on account of supply of goods?

Yes, if the paying party is a foreign exchange earner, the recipient could receive the payment to his FEEA

Why do I need to re-register for the SMS alert facility?

  • Due to KYC regulations.

Have I to open an account with Seylan Bank?