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What if my employment status change?

Please inform the Bank immediately.

What are the gold carratages accepted by Seylan for pawning?

18 -24 kt

What do I need to open a RFC account ?

You need only the N I C ,and to fill a mandate .

How can I get registered for the facility ?

  • By sending a SMS typing “CASA YES” to 3040 and await bank response via SMS.

What is the minimum age limit to open a Seylan Fixed Deposit?

18 Years and above.

12. What will be the account that gets debited when using the card for purchases?

The account which you inform the branch to update as your primary account

Could I get the documents delivered?

Documents will be delivered only on request.

What is the percentage that I receive a birthday gift?

5% of the minimum balance.
E.g. Rs 50/- will be earned by every Rs 1000/- maintained in the account on the birthday of the account holder if he/she maintains the required balance.

Can I withdraw the money of the deposit in Foreign Currency?

Funds can be transferred by way of a foreign draft or via telegraphic transfer.

Can an account be opened without the original Birth Certificate?

  • Yes. An account can be opened with the details confirmed by the parent / guardian. However, an undertaking should be obtained that the original Birth Certificate will be