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What is a late payment fee?

4% on delayed capital.

Can I pawn articles at any of Seylan Bank branches?


What are the types of debits from the RFC accounts?

Debits to theses accounts are freely allowed for international transactions.
Funds transfers from one RFC account to another RFC account are permited.

Why do I need to re-register for the SMS alert facility?

  • Due to KYC regulations.

What is the difference between a Savings Account and a Fixed Deposit?

At the time of placing the Fixed Deposit, amount, time period and interest rate will be agreed and it will not be changed until maturity. For a savings account you can deposit at any time and can withdraw at any time. If there is an interest change it will be applicable for the deposit.

I have lost my pin number, how can I get a new one?

You need to provide a written request to your account holding branch to obtain a new pin.

Can we obtain loans for advance payment & Open the account?

Yes with pre arrangement transactions with your branch

How will I obtain the birthday gift?

The account holder should submit a request letter to the account holding branch.

Can I obtain a loan against the Foreign Currency FD?

A facility can be entertained up to 90% of the deposit value

Can Tikiri accounts be opened jointly?

  • These accounts will be opened in the name of the child. Joint accounts will not be permitted.