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Can I transfer funds from a NRFC account to a RFC , and wise versa ?.

You can transfer funds from NRFC account to a RFC account but ,not from RFC to NRFC.

Are there any deductions applicable for Fixed Deposits interest?

As per the government regulations withholding tax is applicable. (For details refer

What is the minimum age limit to open a Tikiri Account?

A ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account can be opened for children below 15 years of age.

How could I obtain a Seylan Credit card?

Anyone who is above 18 years and in a position to prove a steady income over Rs.30,000/- could apply.You may Call 2 00 88 88 and leave your contact details and we will make arrangements for an agent to visit.

Can the Tikiri Accounts be closed / transferred to other Banks by giving instructions to any Branch.

No. It should be processed only from the account holding Branch

Should I inform in advance that am withdrawing the Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit?

Currency can be withdrawn only for travel purposes; in such case the relevant branch will make the necessary arrangements.

From when will SMS alert charges come into effect ?

  • SMS alerts sent from 01st of September 2018.

Can I view my loan capital outstanding through Internet Banking?

Yes, If you are an Internet Banking customer, you can request to add the loan into the list via Internet Banking.

Could I utilize my Debit card for online purchase?

In case the relevant merchant is accepting the card you can use for online purchases.

Can I receive funds to my RNNFC account from overseas?

Yes it is possible for personal payments