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What if I lose my Seylan Credit Card?

Loss of cards should be reported immediately to Seylan Card Centre on24 Hour hotline2 00 88 88and follow up with a letter. The cardholder will not be liable for any transactions performed subsequent to informing the loss of the card to the Bank.

Can we request a bicycle above the size 16” for the slab of Rs. 50,000/- ?

No. The Bank will not issue Bicycles above the size of 16” for the said slab. However the customer may discuss with the vendor and purchase a larger size Bicycle by paying the difference in value.

Can I withdraw the money of the deposit in Foreign Currency?

Funds can be transferred by way of a foreign draft or via telegraphic transfer.

What are the transactions for which I will get charged for SMS alerts ?

  • Each alert over and above 10 SMS alerts on Current and Saving accounts will be charged Rs. 1/- per SMS.

How long will it take for my loan to get approved?

2 working days – Fast Track facilities 
4 working days – Normal facilities

Does my ATM card get renewed and why?

Cards get renewed automatically after 4/5 years. In case card is in inactive mode, it won’t be renewed.

What do I need to open a RFC account ?

You need only the N I C ,and to fill a mandate .

Can I get a monthly interest from Seylan Flexi FD?

No. Only at maturity.

What is the minimum age limit to open a Tikiri Account?

A ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account can be opened for children below 15 years of age.

How could I obtain a Seylan Credit card?

Anyone who is above 18 years and in a position to prove a steady income over Rs.30,000/- could apply.You may Call 2 00 88 88 and leave your contact details and we will make arrangements for an agent to visit.