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What is Seylan flexi Leasing Flexi Pay?

  • The method which you can pay a low rental during most months of the year and pay a higher rental when you have an additional or extra income

What are the documents required to open a FCAISPE if I am an employee?

A letter from an employer stating the employee is directly involved in projects carried out by the employer which are exempt under the Inland Revenue Act No. 10 of 2006 and is paid for his services in foreign currency received from those projects.

How much is the processing fee?

0.5 % from the loan (min Rs 5000 max Rs 100000)

How do a claim the marriage claim?

If you are the account holder you can claim same, in the event of both parties being a/c holders only one claim will be paid.

How can you earn interest for Seylan Shakthi/ Seylan 5 Star Fixed Deposit?

Monthly, annually or at maturity

What security do I have in case of a loss of card?

The card is chip enable, each time you use the card, there will be an SMS alert notifying you of the transaction. In case of a loss, you can either block the card on your own accessing the web portal or call up the call centre. You also have the option of requesting for the 2nd card at the time of obtaining the card; therefore on loss of first card you can immediately activate the 2nd card.

What is the minimum age limit to open a Tikiri Account?

A ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account can be opened for children below 15 years of age

What are the additional benefits for Tikiri account holders?

Internet Banking & SMS Banking facilities to view the account balance as it grows.

What are features of upgrade leasing facility?

  • To offer 04 and 5year leases with a pre approved 2nd lease for 150% 
  • For cars, vans and jeeps manufacturing within 02 year only 
  • Flexible repayment with residual value of 25%

What is the interest I am eligible to get?

It will be the interest given to any foreign currency of the Seylan bank.