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How do I save in a 2in1 account?

The amount in excess of Rs 10,000/- lying in the current account would be transferred automatically to the matching Savings Account, at the end of the day.

Can I obtain an Overdraft from the 2in1 current account?


Do I get a savings book for the 2in1 savings account?

No, a statement will be posted at the end of the month.

What are the reasons for closing the 2in1 account?

Not maintaining the minimum balance in the Current Account (Rs 10,000/ at present) consecutively for more than three months or neglecting the account.

Prior to the closure of the accounts a reasonable notice will be given for both accounts.

Could I obtain an ATM card for the 2in1 accounts?


Will I be eligible for Seylan Sure benefits?


When I open the 2in1 current account do I need to be introduced to the bank?


Benefits of SLDBs?

  • Coupon interest rate is pegged to the 6-month USD London Inter-bank Offer Rate (LIBOR) thereby giving you an opportunity to earn interest at the market rates.
  • You will receive Semi-annual interest payments.
  • Higher return than that of a standard deposit.
  • No exchange rate risk.
  • Your returns are totally tax free in Sri Lanka.

What are the Eligible account types?

a. Foreign currency saving accounts
b. Foreign currency Fixed deposits

What are the benefits of taking the Seylan Multi currency Travel card?

You are entitled for a free travel insurance with a cumulative minimum balance of USD 500/- or equivalent at the time of departure.