Internet Banking



How do I save in a 2in1 account?

The amount in excess of Rs 10,000/- lying in the current account would be transferred automatically to the matching Savings Account, at the end of the day.

Can I obtain an Overdraft from the 2in1 current account?


Do I get a savings book for the 2in1 savings account?

No, a statement will be posted at the end of the month.

What are the reasons for closing the 2in1 account?

Not maintaining the minimum balance in the Current Account (Rs 10,000/ at present) consecutively for more than three months or neglecting the account.

Prior to the closure of the accounts a reasonable notice will be given for both accounts.

Could I obtain an ATM card for the 2in1 accounts?


Will I be eligible for Seylan Sure benefits?


When I open the 2in1 current account do I need to be introduced to the bank?


If it’s a joint a/c how do I claim?

Joint a/c with spouse – only one claim by any applicant under each category under 18.
Joint a/c with children - any one claim under each category

In an incident of a child birth can I get cash for both the events (surgery & child birth)?

Yes, grant of child birth will be credited to the “Tikiri Account

How much do I have to pay as stamp duty?

Above Rs 3 mio 0.1%