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The evolution of telecommunication and us


From the day a bird carries a message written on a paper, to this day when a bird is used as an icon to tweet, technology has transformed in heaps and bounds. So where are we now? Are we heading in the right direction? There are dozens of mobile phones launches every month; we see competition in the mobile market heavily. But is this trend a ‘forever’? Well, the answer could be both a ‘YES’ and a ‘NO’. How far can we get with these transformations? Some buy the latest gadgets, some use the latest apps, some chat with the latest and fastest chat apps and some use the latest for convenience. Which category do you fall in to?

Are you one of the following?

A. Techno Geek (Uses the latest mobile phone+tab+laptop and has all the latest apps and life is all about the mobile)

B. Half techno half real (Moderately uses the mobile and is not a big craver for the latest mobile phones)

C. More real less techno (Less use of technology, mobile phones and apps)

D. So rea l poor techno (Use of technology is nil, old mobile phone with basic features and less apps)

So which category do you fall in to?

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