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  • Personal Foreign Currency Accounts - PFCA

Seylan bank offers its PFCA account holders a unique value added rewarding scheme known as “Seylan Thilina Sayura” in addition to competitive interest rates.

Previously known accounts such as Non-Resident Foreign Currency Accounts (NRFCs) Resident Foreign Currency Accounts (RFCs), Resident Non Nationals’ Foreign Currency Accounts (RNNDCs) and Non-Resident Non-National Foreign Currency Accounts (NRNNFAs) have been classified by Central Bank of Sri Lanka as PFCA.

  • Business Foreign Currency Accounts - BFCA

Searching for the best way to save and utilize you foreign exchange earnings? Business Foreign currency Account (BFCA) is an account designed for Individuals or business entities resident in Sri Lanka, who are earning foreign exchange. BFCA can be opened in any designated currency. All existing FEEA, FCAASA, FCAISPE – Employers Accounts and IRDA accounts have been re- designed as BFCA.

  • Rupee Account for Non Residents - CTRA

Persons who are residing overseas can open Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR) accounts and operate whilst being overseas. These accounts could be opened to make payments in Sri Lanka, obtain foreign exchange for an emigrant under the migration allowance or to deposit sale proceeds of local assets including inherited properties. In order to carry out the above type of transactions Seylan Capital Transactions Rupee Accounts (CTRA) could be opened and operated subject to below terms.

  • Inward Investment Account - IIA

Inward Investment Account (IIA) is a special account designated for eligible investor’s resident in or outside Sri Lanka to route funds to invest in the permitted investments

  • Outward Investments Account - OIA

Outward Investment Account(OIA) is a special account for resident investors in Sri Lanka to channel funds abroad for eligible overseas investments such as investment in Shares and debt securities of companies incorporated outside Sri Lanka, Units in regulated unit trusts, Sovereign Bonds issued by foreign governments and to set up overseas office.