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Debenture Issue 2019


An initial issue of Thirty Million (30,000,000)Fully Paid, BASEL III Compliant, Tier 2, Listed, Rated, Unsecured Subordinated, Redeemable Debentures with a Non Viability Conversion at a par value of Rs 100/-, with an option to issue up to a further Twenty Million (20,000,000) of said Debentures in the event of an oversubscription at the discretion of the Bank and in such event, the maximum issue of said Debentures totaling to Fifty Million (50,000,000).

As per the Rules of the Colombo Stock Exchange ,the minimum amount of investment by any “ Qualified Investor “ is Rs 10,000/- (100 Debentures )except in the case of individual investors for whom the minimum investment amount is Rs 5,000,000/-(50,000 Debentures )

The investment and secondary trading of these debenture are limited to “Qualified Investors“

Type of Debentures Interest rate (per annum) AER Redemption
Type A Fixed coupon rate of 15.00%
Payable annually
15.00% 5 years
Type B Fixed coupon rate of 14.50%
Payable semi-annually
15.03% 5 years
  • Issue price per Debenture - Rs 100/-
  • Rated BBB+(lka ) by Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited
  • Date of Allotment of debentures : 18th April 2019
  • Listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange : 29th April 2019

Joint Managers to the issue : People's Bank Investment Banking Unit and Capital Alliance Partners Limited

Trustee to the Issue : Bank of Ceylon