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Chamil from Seylan Bank brings victory to Sri Lanka in World Carrom Championship

17th November 2016. Colombo, Sri Lanka: A proponent of a healthy work-life balance and cognizant of the impact and engagement of sports on personal wellbeing, leading Sri Lankan bank, Seylan Bank, reaffirmed its commitment to support the Bank’s staff to pursue their passion for sporting.

Seylan Bank’s commitment to its corporate sporting culture has come to limelight yet again in the wake of Sri Lanka’s international triumph at the 7th World Carrom Championship 2016. Seylan Bank Employee, Chamil Cooray, captained the Sri Lankan men’s carrom team to a triumphant victory defeating India and emerging World Carrom Champions at the 7th World Carrom Championship 2016 finals held in Birmingham, UK this month. The men’s carrom team vied with over 20 countries to secure the top spot.

Current national carrom champion, Chamil Cooray, is a 12 time Sri Lankan champion at the National Carrom Championships conducted by the Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka (CFSL) and also won the top spot in the Swiss League category. With his performance at the Carrom Championship 2016 this month, Chamil became the only Sri Lankan to win the Swiss League on two consecutive occasions having previously won it in 2014.

Chamil, who comes from a family background which revolves around carrom, participated in his first international championship when he was 15 years old and was the youngest player to win the national championship at the age of 17. An employee of Seylan Bank for 11 years, Chamil noted that he was grateful for the support from his family and encouragement from Seylan Bank over the years. “I am proud to have represented the country and my organization on an international platform and am humbled by all the support extended to me and the team. I hope to keep raising the bar for my performance and will strive to participate in the world championship again and popularize the game,” commented Chamil. He also noted that it was important to develop and support carrom around the island, identifying talented Sri Lankan players and subsequently encouraging provincial matches and publicizing the game.

Seylan Bank felicitated Chamil’s achievement and pledged support to continue to maintain its strong corporate sporting culture. The bank has been active in developing and supporting the sporting talents of its employees to ensure a healthy work-life balance and facilitate employee engagement and wellbeing.

The Seylan Bank Sports Club was formed in the late 1980s and is enthusiastically run by its employees and has grown to be an integral aspect of the bank’s work culture. The bank’s Sports Club activities span netball, basketball, table tennis, athletics, hockey and cricket and even hosts its own Inter-Region Sports Fiesta to identify and support emerging sporting talent.