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Banker’s Credit Card

Are you a BANKER ?

Are you a BANKER ?

Looking for a LIFETIME FREE Credit Card? Seylan Cards introduce the exclusive Freedom MasterCard for Bankers with a host of benefits available just for you.

    • Card Type

      Seylan Master Freedom Credit Card

    • Eligibility Criteria

      • Permanent employees of Banks of Sri Lanka and CBSL, who are in the grades of Banking Assistant and above.
      • Banker should be with minimum service period of one (01) year
      • Minimum monthly net salary should be LKR 50,000/- and above
    • Credit Period

      51 Days

    • Cardholder Agreement

      Cardholder Agreement
    • Features of the Card

      • Annual fee waived off
      • Joining Fee waived off for the life time
      • Maintenance fee waived off
      • No monthly commitment
      • No cash advance fees
      • No over limit and late payment fees
    • Documents Required

      • Duly filled credit card application
      • Certified copy of national identity card
      • Certified copy of staff identity card
      • Certified latest salary slip
    • Credit Limit

      LKR50,000/- and above

    • The format of the Seylan Bank Credit Card Customer monthly statement

      The format of the Seylan Bank Credit Card Customer monthly statement

Interest Rates & Fees

Interest Rate 29.5% p.a.
Fees No fees applicable except for the Maintenance charge
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Interest Calculation

  • No interest will be levied (except on cash advances) if full payment is made on or before the due date. You will enjoy up to 51 days free of interest (depending on the transaction date), provided the previous months total outstanding is paid by the due date in full.
  • If full payment is not settled on or before the due date, interest will be calculated from respective transaction dates up to the billing date on reducing balance basis.
  • Interest/Finance charges will be charged if full payment is made after the due date.
  • Interest will not be charged for purchases billed in current month but will be charged on the following month (from the transaction date) if not settled in full by for due date.
  • Interest to a particular transaction will be charged from the transaction date on the following month and there onward from the billing date, if rolled over.
  • Payments are first applied to charges and then to purchase and cash advances on FIFO basis.
  • Cash advances will accrue interest from the date of transaction until it is paid in full.
  • Example on interest calculation

How to calculate the minimum payment ?

Minimum payment = 5% of outstanding purchases and cash advances + 100% of interest, Fees and the overdue amount.

On what basis will the bank charge the late payment fee ?

If the customer fails to pay the minimum payment on or before the due date the late payment fee will be charged.

On what basis is the over limit fee charged ?

If the customer exceeds the approved credit limit at any given date of the particular billing cycle an over limit fee will be charged.