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Shakthi Fixed Deposit


“Seylan Shakthi” is a four year fixed deposit. Deposit could be placed with a minimum balance of LKR 100,000/-. Interest could be earned monthly, annually or at maturity

  • Value Addition:

    In addition to the interest earned, 0.1% of the deposit value per month is awarded in the form of utility vouchers for the first year. These utility vouchers could be used to pay your water, electricity or telephone bills.

  • How to use the utility voucher?:

    The customer has to make the utility bill payment at a Seylan Bank branch to make use of the utility vouchers. The value of the utility voucher will be deducted from the utility bill value and the customer needs to pay the balance amount.

  • Other facilities:

    • Credit Card against the Fixed Deposit.
    • OR
    • An instant loan against the Fixed Deposit.

    For Senior Citizens

How to get started
  • Eligibility
    • Sri Lankan citizens of 18 years and above
  • Documentation requirement
    • National Identity Card
    • Valid Passport or Valid Driving license which carries the national identity card number
    • If the address differs from the given document a billing proof not less than 3 months should be submitted.
    • Any document required from the bank for KYC purpose

Interest Rates Fees

With Effect from 16.07.2020

Interest Period Interest Rate % p.a. AER %
MONTHLY 06.25% 6.43%
AT MATURITY 08.50% 7.59%

Senior Citizen FD Monthly AER Maturity AER
48 Months / SEYLAN SHAKTHI (Minimum deposit LKR 100,000/-) 9.75%

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What is the minimum amount required to open a Seylan Shakthi/ Seylan 5 Star Fixed Deposit?

Rs 100,000/-

How can you earn interest for Seylan Shakthi/ Seylan 5 Star Fixed Deposit?

Monthly, annually or at maturity

What is the added benefit when you invest with Seylan Shakthi/ Seylan 5 Star Fixed Deposit?

In addition to interest earned, 0.1% of the deposit value per month, will be awarded in the form of a utility voucher, for the 1st year.

What is the minimum value of a utility voucher?

Rs 100/-

If I pre-mature uplift the Seylan Shakthi/ Seylan 5 Star Fixed Deposit, do I have to pay for the value of utility vouchers?

If you have utilized the vouchers, value will be recovered. If not you have to hand over the 12 vouchers issued by the bank.

Can minors open fixed deposits?

Yes. Jointly with an adult (+18 Years).