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Seylan 2 in 1 Account


Seylan "Two in One" is a truly unique service that combines the best of current and savings accounts to ensure your money doesn't idle. This helps to manage your money automatically

  • Maximize the usage of your account
  • Maximize the usage of your account:

    Any amount exceeding LKR 10,000/- in the current account will be transferred to your saving account to earn a productive return

    When you issue a cheque, the matching balance will be transferred from your saving account to meet your drawings, real-time

    Interest calculated on a daily basis and enjoy compound interests(added weekly)

  • Save for tomorrow

    entitle yourself for "Seylan Sure Benefits"

  • Use alternative access

    Make life easy by accessing our Online banking services.

How to get started
  • Eligibility
    • 18 years and above
  • Documentation requirement
    • National Identity Card
    • If the address differs from the given document a billing proof not less than 3 months should be submitted.
    • Any document required from the bank for KYC purpose
  • Minimum Deposit
Super Branch Other Branch
Savings LKR 10,000/- LKR 1,500/-
Current LKR 250,000/- LKR 10,000/-
Interest Rates & Fees
Interest Rate Annual Effective Rate
Below LKR 999.99/- 0.00%
LKR 1,000/- to LKR 9,999.99/- 2.00% 2.02%
LKR 10,000/- & above 3.50% 3.56%

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Fee Details Fees
Monthly Savings Charges (In lieu of minimum balance of LKR 1,000/-) LKR 25/-
Savings account closure charges LKR 500/-
Monthly Service Charges (In Lieu of Minimum Balance) Personal Current Account LKR 275/-
Cheque book charges per leaf LKR 18/-
Current account closure charges LKR 1000/-
ATM Card Issuance Fee Gold / Platinum LKR 500/-, Seylfie LKR 250/-, Others LKR 350/-
ATM Card Annual Fee LKR 300/-
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What is the minimum balance to be maintained in a 2in1 account?

A minimum balance of LKR 1,000/- in the savings account and a minimum credit balance of LKR 10,000/- in the current account all the time.

How do I save in a 2in1 account?

The amount in excess of Rs 10,000/- lying in the current account would be transferred automatically to the matching Savings Account, at the end of the day.

Can I obtain an Overdraft from the 2in1 current account?


Do I get a savings book for the 2in1 savings account?

No, a statement will be posted at the end of the month.

How do I get an interest for the 2in1 savings account?

Interest would be calculated on the closing balance of the Savings Account on a daily basis and credited to the Savings Account weekly.

What are the reasons for closing the 2in1 account?

Not maintaining the minimum balance in the Current Account (Rs 10,000/ at present) consecutively for more than three months or neglecting the account.

Prior to the closure of the accounts a reasonable notice will be given for both accounts.

Could I obtain an ATM card for the 2in1 accounts?


Will I be eligible for Seylan Sure benefits?


When I open the 2in1 current account do I need to be introduced to the bank?