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Do you find yourself grumbling saying the following these day?
  1. It’ soooo hot!!!
  2. I can’t bear this heat!
  3. It’ s so hot soon after a shower.
  4. When will this heat end?
  5. I need a break from this heat!
  6. Well, if you do you need to read this. Some might find this stupid. But just give it a thought. What have YOU done to reduce the heat? What did YOU do today? What have YOU planned to do tomorrow to reduce the heat? Have you planned on buying an Air conditioner, a new fan, to fix a ceiling fan or to travel to a colder place to fight the heat? Haven’t you thought about a more inexpensive easy solution? ‪#‎StartTodayToFightTheHeat Start today. Follow the simple steps below and you’ll feel the difference soon.

    1. Plant a tree every single day. (You might have heard this, written this and spoken about this at meetings, school gatherings and even for speaking competitions – but have you ever practiced it?)
    2. Reduce the printouts you take every day. (Each paper is made using a tree – don’t waste –please practice)
    3. Re-use rain water by having 5-6 buckets/ basins around your house and use to water the plants later. Drain water can be recycled. Use an old strainer and connect it to a large bucket. Keep both close to the drainage in such a way that the water is strained with the waste remaining. Use the water to water the plants.
    4. These are some ways I thought would reduce the heat at least tomorrow. So start today and start changing the world from where it is heading to.


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